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Amy Nettleton | Paintings  •   Works from Nature

About the artist

Painting immerses me in the present. Then the work evokes the energy of a moment – at a particular place and time – colored by my perceptions.

I am a professional landscape architect (recently retired) with a passion for painting. I have been working in oils for years, with an earlier focus on still-life, especially objects of nature. Over the past decade, I have turned to painting primarily out-of-doors, plein air, and experimenting with quicker studies. I use water-soluable oil paints to eliminate the use of solvents (which are more difficult to use safely when painting outdoors). I favor palette knives over brushes, though not exclusively. I am intrigued by the range of textures possible with a palette knife – from laying down thick textured lozenges of color to scraping areas back, exposing the canvas or board.

Both my studio and plein air work are based on close observation, translating the life and beauty of what I see onto a flat surface. I delight in exploring the line between representational art and abstraction, and I find that working with pattern and light on a canvas is more engaging than copying what is in front of me. Painting plein air landscape connects me with nature. It enriches my understanding of form, light, color, and the energy of our world.

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Amy Nettleton | Paintings

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